Tom Hennes | Thinc Design, New York, USA

As Thinc’s Founder and Principal, Tom Hennes has developed a design approach that is grounded in a deep knowledge of history and world cultures, and a profound respect for the environment. Hennes’s exhibition designs are in natural history and other types of museums, national heritage projects, science centers, aquaria, zoos, and children’s museums, among others. His scholarly publications promote the transformation of exhibitions into powerful places of personal experience and learning. In his current work, Hennes explores the ways in which exhibitions and other media can be designed to form and sustain active communities. His research into audience perspectives and the integration of visitors’ individual and collective experiences into designs has increasingly placed him at the forefront of the field. He launched Thinc in 1995 as an extension of his successful theatrical design practice, which has continued and expanded on his work in theatre and opera, as well as trade shows, product introductions, and other corporate events. He holds multiple patents for immersive theatres and 3-D projection techniques. Hennes also serves as Exhibitions Editor for Curator: The Museum Journal.